There's nothing wrong with being negative but sometimes I have to force myself to be positive or my head will explode with guilt and grief.
  1. My cousin is getting married on Sunday and even though I lowkey think the relationship will be a disaster, I'm excited to see the kid I grew up alongside all dressed up. It's also the first wedding I'll ever attend.
    I'm 22. WTF.
  2. It's been ten months since I started the job I insisted I'd be quitting "next week" for about 3-4 months due to anxiety.
    Not a big deal for most people, huge deal for me.
  3. I am unapologetic in my continued devotion to Pokémon Go. Here's a glimpse at my current best monsters, dumb names and all.
    Messaging @franksars about our continuing progress never fails to make my day.
  4. In less than a month I can and WILL apply for my Masters.
  5. In just over a month I'll be seeing Louis Theroux live.
  6. I found $10 while packing to move which paid for lunch tomorrow.
  7. I get to see my psychologist on Friday.
  8. I have a roof over my head and a warm bed, even if I have to be apart from the family members I want to be around most for a while.
  9. I am trying really, really hard to be a better person.
  10. I am still here.