1. You are not the first one to call me that.
  2. And I am confident you won't be the last
  3. to turn the worst parts of me against me,
  4. to bring life to my ongoing fears.
  5. I trusted you.
  6. I let you in on the struggles that come with suffering from anxiety,
  7. and depression,
  8. and how hard it is to speak.
  9. I let you comfort me when things got bad.
  10. I told you when I didn't want to live.
  11. And about the time I tried to make sure I never did.
  12. What is a psycho?
  13. Is it someone whose brain chemistry is a little off?
  14. Is it someone who cries without word or warning?
  15. Is it someone whose pulse always feels like it's in a rush
  16. to get somewhere unknowable at any cost?
  17. Is it someone who begs you to stay
  18. even when you are the one who should be made to leave?
  19. Is it someone who loves too hard?
  20. Is it someone unloveable?
  21. Is it someone you can laugh about with friends like a punchline at a party?
  22. Is it someone you loved once
  23. or simply someone you stood next to
  24. for seven years
  25. to feel normal?