1. Because I spent hours talking to a friend about a nice thing she was doing for someone else who was sad and felt irrationally jealous.
  2. Because I haven't received a single Christmas card despite sending a bunch out nice and early.
  3. Because Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas here.
  4. Because I could hear my dad open the fridge door for beer after beer after wine after beer.
  5. Because I remembered that scene in Glee with Sue's sister's funeral...
    ...and watched it.
  6. Because the recipe for the biscuits said "call Ma" if we had any questions and she's been dead for nearly four years.
  7. Because I'm 23 and soon won't have any grandparents.
    My Nan is declining rapidly.
  8. Because my cat Iicked away my tears (and got fur stuck all over my face.)
  9. Because I listened to How Far I'll Go from Moana on a loop.
  10. Because I forgot the icing sugar so I couldn't ice my Christmas biscuits.
  11. Because Valium makes me weepy.