Sometimes it's really hard to.
  1. There are so many wonderful people left to meet.
    Even if the people in your life aren't meeting your needs, there are literally billions more. You might meet them tomorrow, or you might have to wait a little longer. It will be worth it.
  2. There is so much delicious food to eat.
    Old favourites and new ones to discover. Think of all the candy you haven't tried. It's almost overwhelming. Let the amount of candy left to eat overwhelm you when other things threaten to. Focus on the sweetness.
  3. There are so many dogs and cats to pet.
    Depending on your preference. I love both. Whether your own or just ones you come across in your ventures, they're as excited to meet you as you are them (the dogs, at least. Cats are kind of assholes, but they're also pretty great.)
  4. There are so many TV shows you still have to binge.
    Or just watch week-by-week. I can't tell you how many times knowing The Mindy Project is up soon has kept me going. Find that for yourself.
  5. And so many books to read!
    I don't even know how many. A ton. You might even write one.
  6. There are so many songs you still have to listen to.
    Ones that are centuries old, and ones that haven't even been composed yet!
  7. There are so many cool things that science still has to figure out.
    Things we were promised in Back To The Future have to come true some day, right?
  8. There are so many beautiful places left to explore.
    You don't even have to go abroad. There are streets to be wandered, parks in your own city. Postcards are pretty, but so are your surroundings.
  9. There are so many sides to yourself that you don't know yet.
    It's mind blowing how much things that always seemed like a fixture turn out to be changeable after all. My younger self could have never imagined how I am now and what my life is like.
    Suggested by @sarvin