A darker list, but I'm a dark kinda gal and it's one of those nights.
  1. Not trying harder.
    At school. In general.
  2. Not saying goodbye.
    When my aunt was dying and wanted to see me. I was young and scared and mad.
  3. Letting my cousin take the blame.
    For silly antics I am not sure he has been forgiven for.
  4. Not saving the money my father gave me for my 21st.
    But I needed it to live and so did my mother and brother.
  5. Quitting.
    Everything. Every extra-curricular activity, every therapy group, every attempt at normality.
  6. Not staying with my rabbit when he was put to sleep.
    I wanted to but the vet said no. I should have insisted.
  7. Yelling at my favourite teacher.
    She was so good to me.
  8. Trying to end my life.
    I broke my mother's heart.