Inspired by @rcsanchez93's The Simpsons list. There's a lot of touching moments in some of your and my favourite comedies. Let me know ones that have moved you (and maybe moved you to tears.)
  1. When The Office sung to Michael.
    The love that this group of people had for someone who could be such a dick sometimes but ultimately had the biggest heart was so overwhelming I had pause halfway through and give myself a break. (The Office, 7x21)
  2. When Phoebe gave up the triplets.
    It was the decision she had to make and such a selfless one at that, but it broke my heart all the same. Lisa Kudrow has some serious acting skills. (Friends, 5x3)
  3. When Danny told Mindy she was his best friend. His only friend.
    And then proceeded to break her heart (and mine.) I can enjoy this now knowing how well they've turned out, but this hurt. A lot. (The Mindy Project, 2x17)
  4. When Homer watches the stars after his mother leaves.
    The Simpsons had a lot of touching moments, but this takes the cake for ultimate tearjerker for me (The Simpsons, 7x8)
  5. The death of Henry Blake.
    "There were no survivors." (M*A*S*H, 3x24)
  6. When Will's dad left for the last time.
    "Will is not a coat that you hang in the closet then pick it up when you're ready to wear it. His life goes on. He's not supposed to be here for you. You're supposed to be here for him." (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 4x24)
  7. When Fry's dog waited.
    We're not even worthy of cartoon dogs. (Futurama, 4x7)
  8. When Jim and Pam kissed.
    The first time. I tried to limit this list to one per show, but a friend suggested Casino Night and the pain of the end of this episode is too much for me to omit from this list. (The Office, 2x22)
  9. When Dr. Cox loses three patients in one shift-Scrubs
    Saddest moment of all. JD trying to comfort his mentor.
    Suggested by @J_B
  10. When Marshall's dad dies. (How I Met Your Mother)
    Suggested by @ashepinnell
  11. When the feud between Leslie and Ron was revealed
    He wanted to ask Leslie for a job so he could be with his friends again but she had stood him up. (Parks and Recreation, 7x04)
    Suggested by @wanda
  12. When Michael left and also when he came back to Dwight's wedding! (The Office 7x22 and 9x24)
    Suggested by @nathalia
  13. I always cry when Jim gives Pam the note from the teapot in A.A.R.M.
    And I don't even have to know what it says because it contains a personal message from John Krasinski to Jenna Fischer.
    Suggested by @rulesofjinx