I wasn't going to do this list because I feel guilty for the poor condition my favourite is in, but. Here it is anyway! 🐻
  1. Teddy
    Purchased for a couple of dollars at a chemist in the Blue Mountains. If he looks like a hot mess, that's because I've had him since I was five. He's been lost countless times but never permanently as he still sleeps on my bed! Worst loss was two months when the doll hospital meant to fix him lost him. Ribbon is to stop his head falling off because of the shoddy repair job they did.
  2. Lambie
    Kids are creative, right? Just a plush lamb that I loved to death until she was misplaced while we were moving. No other lambs have substituted.
  3. Pinkie
    One of several pink bears I had. I have no idea where the picture I had of this one went.
  4. Other, lesser stuffed animals
    Dozens used to try to replace the above.
  5. Current stuffed animals
    Though none of them are actually animals? And why this list isn't actually ranked. I wanted to include them but they're not strictly from my childhood, so.