In chronological order. And semi-anonymously because I'm paranoid. 📚
  1. Miss R
    Year 3. The first teacher to truly influence my love of reading, through The Muddle-Headed Wombat. She'd read us this with such passion and creativity it was impossible not to adore her. Also, we had a worm farm.
  2. Miss B
    Year 4. Read my story aloud to the class because it was That Good. The first person to make me feel like a writer.
  3. Miss B(2)
    Year 6. Made my life a living hell. Hated me, I hated her. Responsible for me getting in trouble for the first time in my life. I am not sorry that she wasn't asked back to teach the next year.
  4. Ms L
    Year 7-10. Librarian. Counsellor. Friend. I had, in hindsight, an enormous crush on her. She encouraged me to read Plath and I'd always come in on the last day of school to clean the library with her. I miss her all the time.
  5. Mr K
    Year 9. History. Invited me to a gifted and talented history class, maybe the most passionate teacher I ever had. Died of a heart attack one term into the year. Broke my heart.
  6. Mrs C
    Year 9-11. History. Mr K's replacement. Not worthy. Played favourites, gave answers in exams to said favourites. I complained and she hated me as a result. Used to call me a bridesmaid because I only ever came second, third or fourth in the class, never first.
  7. Mr B
    Year 9-12. History/Religion/English. Passionate, no-nonsense. Mr K's friend and hated Mrs C as much as I did/do. Introduced me to Band of Brothers and is still a dear friend. Always believed in me, even when I didn't.
  8. Mrs BL
    Year 11-12. German. Absolute gem. One of the funniest, sweetest people I've ever met. Still a dear friend. A reference on my resumé. The best.