Inspired by @paigeclaudette. We call our classes units which sounds dumb, no? I've taken 20 so far, have one in progress and one left. Here's a handful of standouts. 📝📚📖
  1. Drugs Across Cultures
    Anthropology unit in which we drank wine. Just the once, but still. One of my favourite classes. We looked at '70s advertisements for benzos and discussed the legalisation of marijuana, etc. Had such an incredible convener which made all the difference. I won a tin of absinthe mints. Bonus: only one lecture per week, no tutorials!
  2. Illness and Healing
    Another great anthro unit. Read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" by Anne Fadiman and realised how important the health field is and how glad I am to be in it.
  3. Gender Studies
    Okay, this is cheating, but I've taken two of these units. First was just an introduction and the other was on gender, behaviour and discipline in homes and in schools. Studied moral panic, school shootings, sexual harassment. Wrote one of my favourite essays in this class, on one of my favourite movies - Saved! Most importantly, became a more informed feminist, which I very much aspire to be.
  4. Big History
    Hard. Class. Based on David Christian and Bill Gates' (😎) Big History Project, this covered everything from The Big Bang through to modernity. Intense for a first year unit but still interesting and worth the struggle.
  5. Cultural Studies
    The only cultural studies unit I've taken, which is kind of a shame, although I think I've read enough Foucault to be set for life. Learned a lot about binaries and discourses and sexuality. Very interesting.
  6. Brain, Behaviour and Evolution
    I suck at science but I love science, so this was worth even the Saturday labs. Learned about p-values and did experiments on pill bugs (none harmed in the process, I promise.)
  7. Migration, Human Rights and Diversity
    I also love sociology, and I loved this unit. Taught by a convener who is a migrant herself and has an incredible passion for changing how we treat asylum seekers in Australia (terribly, by the way.)
  8. Health Placement
    My practical unit – currently undertaking! I am writing a literature review for a small health organisation and though it's so stressful, I really feel like I'm doing something good and also like there's a future for me in health, be it writing or policy or promotion. I hope.