I feel dumb writing this list about a movie series but The List App is my safe place so let's go. 🔥
  1. I'm about to see the final The Hunger Games film.
  2. I'm seeing it with the same person I saw the first.
    I usually don't keep friends this long, so this is significant.
  3. I haven't thought about this series in a while.
  4. Actually, that's a lie.
    I've thought about it a lot, I've just shoved it down to the Not Talked About place because of a falling out with a friend I had about the last one.
  5. I get super invested in books and movies, clearly.
  6. But only because I need to.
    Sometimes life sucks, and focusing on other people's even suckier lives makes all the difference.
  7. See, I've always needed little reasons to keep going.
  8. Don't we all?
    A concert, a new movie, a meeting with a friend we haven't seen in far too long.
  9. The Hunger Games was/is that for me.
  10. I wouldn't have gotten through my first semester of university without it.
    I remember one of The Worst Days when I saw a poster for the first film and I felt okay.
  11. I didn't channel Katniss.
  12. I didn't pretend that I was fighting the Capitol.
    I simply gave myself something to look forward to.
  13. I know I can always revisit the books and the films.
  14. But the end of what has been a genuinely excellent series is making me emotional.
    All good things to an end, and all of that.
  15. I'll always be grateful for that.
  16. And I'll keep looking for little reasons to keep going.
    Because sometimes they're all we have.
  17. So let's go.
  18. One more time.
    And may the odds be ever in our favour.