I'm mostly just proud of the first one. ☕️💅
  1. Whorish
    Deep green with flecks of gold.
  2. Cappa Detated
    Blood red.
  3. Warehouse Coffee
    Coffee brown, obviously. Looks SO much better than Kitchen Coffee.
  4. The Temp
    Flame-retardant orange.
  5. Stanley Nickel
    Silver. May not be purchased with Schrute Bucks.
  6. Kapoor's List
    Hot pink.
  7. Beach Day
    Coal black.
  8. The Dundies
    Cheap gold.
  9. Beets Motel
    Reddish-purple. Will stain your nails terribly. Use a base coat.
  10. Mustard Yellow
    To match your everyday shirtsleeve button-up work attire.
    Suggested by @alexkelly0016
  11. Vance Refrigeration. Icy blue
    Suggested by @jumo
  12. Finer Things
    A rich red, like a well aged wine to go with the fancy cheese you eat while discussing this month's riveting novel
    Suggested by @cjstevenson