In honour of the revival and me finally (albeit selectively, I don't have enough time!) rewatching.
  1. I'm twenty-two.
    The X-Files premiered in the US three weeks before I was born. In fact, the episode "Squeeze" aired on the day I was born - 24/09/1993.
  2. So I didn't have the luxury of watching it as it aired.
    I've been told I'm not a real fan as a result. Whatever the hell that means.
  3. My first memory is of the theme song.
    My mother used to watch the show from time to time and I remember, quite vividly, how terrified I was of the tune. Now, it's one of my favourite sounds in the world. 🎶
  4. Before I loved the show, I loved David in Evolution (2001) and had quite the crush on him.
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    It's still one of my favourite movies. I'm not even sorry.
  5. I had a friend who was pretty obsessed with the show.
    I use the term "friend" loosely here because she was the kind of friend who treated me as a doormat.
  6. I wanted to impress her so I convinced my mother to go see I Want To Believe (2008) with her.
    My mother was kind of hesitant but at least she'd seen the show. I remember being confused and freaked out, especially because we were the only ones in the theatre save for a random guy who sat RIGHT BEHIND US even though he had a ton of room to choose from. Mum said the movie was "like one of the episodes of the show, but not one of the better ones." I tend to agree, now.
  7. Two years later I decided to watch the pilot.
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    I got S1 on DVD. I watched a handful of episodes and the next day I went out and bought the whole series.
  8. I joined a fan group on FB for Australian fans.
    Its main admin is now one of my many friends from that time in my life and I love her so much for all she did for us.
  9. I was always envious of the stories of fans who got to meet the cast, Gillian Anderson in particular.
    I just adored her. It's hard not to adore her. She's insanely talented, beautiful, and has one of the most giving spirits of anyone famous... and anyone I've met, period.
  10. In September of 2011 we found out she was coming to Sydney for the Johnny English Reborn premiere.
    This was a huge fucking deal. She hadn't been to Australia since TXF was still on.
  11. She gave tickets and meet and greets to the admin of our fan group to auction off.
    I joined a group of girls to try and win... the bidding went well over $1k, though I can't remember (and probably don't want to) the specific number.
  12. We lost.
    By $30 and what we suspected was some snipe bidding.
  13. I cried.
    I felt like this was wrong since I'd loved her less than a year, but GA and in particular Dana Scully had changed my life.
  14. I went to the premiere anyway.
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    We got there super early and waited in the sun for hours. I got sunstroke. It was worth it when GA stepped out of her car and looked ridiculously beautiful.
  15. We were told she wouldn't pose for photos.
    Naturally, I asked anyway. I had a friend with me, thank god, and she took it. I would never have managed with my shaky hands. I can't remember what I said, except that she looked stunning. Gillian thanked me. I wish I'd thanked her.
  16. I also met Rowan Atkinson???
    My childhood self always yells at me when I omit this in my retelling of All About Gillian Day. I didn't get a photo with him but our meeting was caught on film. I told it was an honour to meet him and, again, he thanked me.
  17. I was the spokesperson of our group that day, incidentally, and featured on national news.
    I looked fucking terrible.
  18. In 2012, I made plans to attend a meet and greet dinner with Mitch Pileggi (Skinner!) but had to cancel them...
    ...because I was soon going to London and of the three days I was there, so were GA, Nicholas Lea (Krycek) and Mitch at London Film and Comic Con.
  19. I don't often cite fate but that was fate.
    Three days I was there and it was Gillian's first con in over a decade.
  20. Seeing her again was incredible, if rushed.
    I got another photo, got to hear her speak and got to talk pretty at length with Nicholas Lea. Oh, and Mitch held my hand and called me sweetheart, which is what every young lady wants from Skinner. 🤓❤️
  21. I'd be lying if I didn't say that my interest in the show didn't fade after that.
    Not because I fell out of love, but because there was nothing to ignite my interest again. I'd watch episodes from time to time, sure, but the constant rejection of our XF3 campaigning grew tiring.
  22. I STILL don't believe the show is coming back.
    It still feels surreal. I won't recognise it until I hear that ~spooky~ theme again.
  23. But I know that when it does, it will be at the right time in my life.
    Just like how I was born three weeks after the show premiered but didn't grow to love it until I was seventeen.
  24. If you read this far, kudos to you.
  25. 👽👽👽
    The truth is out there, friends.