Three days together having just met each other for the first time! Of course, we've known each other online for eight-ish years.
  1. Watched Nathan For You.
    My idea, but she seemed to like it nonetheless!
  2. Ate much food.
    Cookies, chips, chocolate, cake... all of the TGIFriday appetisers.
  3. Played with my new bunch of foster kittens.
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    Bear is very fond of Kiwi.
  4. Watched Blackfish.
    Kiwi hadn't seen it and I like sharing pain. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Visited my university.
    She was very patient with my gushing.
  6. Met BB-8.
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  7. Watched Sisters!
    We both love Tina and Amy.
  8. Pointed out the cast of The Mindy Project in everything we watched.
    Oh wait, that was just me.
  9. Played Concept.
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    Kiwi won.
  10. Went to the Blue Mountains.
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  11. Ate Malaysian food at a restaurant where the chef carves vegetables.
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  12. Talked about Calvin and Hobbes a lot.
    And Peanuts. She is the Calvin to my Charlie Brown.
  13. Had an ordeal when Kiwi missed her bus.
  14. Played Concept again.
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    We don't know who won.
    There is never enough time. Everyone should move to Sydney.