Another overshare. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. If I gave that customer the right change.
    A five cent difference, but can I be fired for that?
  2. Whether my pets like me.
  3. How to get to any letter in the alphabet without running through the entire song?
    This makes most basic tasks super hard. Don't even joke about making me recite it backward.
  4. Whether I'm pretty.
  5. Division.
    And/or most math???
  6. If this boy from high school still fancies me.
  7. Whether I dreamt a thing when I was a kid or if it really happened.
    I have a tendency to block things of significance out rather than remember them, why is this so vivid?
  8. How I'm going to let go of this litter of foster kittens.
  9. How my mother does it.
    Any of it. All of it.
  10. How the hell I made it this far.
  11. What my favourite colour is.
    How do people say this with such confidence? Or favourite food? Favourite band, favourite movie?
  12. What I'm going to do next.