Note to self.
  1. See Louis Theroux live in September.
    Real chance I'm going to cry because I love him so much. Our seats are terrible and overpriced but worth every cent.
  2. See Coldplay in December.
    I have heard Coldplay aren't cool anymore? I'm going to pretend I didn't get that memo because I fucking love Coldplay and I've been to all of their Sydney tours since 2006. Again, overpriced, terrible seats that are worth every cent.
  3. Get on a plane.
    I'm kind of terrified of flying but the last time I got on a plane was literally years ago and after my grandmother died and I just want to get on one and experience the miracle of flight and the excitement of arrival. Which leads to...
  4. Go to the USA.
    In a couple weeks I get to start planning dates! I've been talking about going forever and I'm sure everyone thinks it's not happening but oh, it's happening. Which leads to...
  5. Hug all of my online friends.
    So many of them live in/near LA and NYC. So many of them have changed – and even saved – my life. I'm going to hug them so fucking tight. And, in true @kaitmaree fashion, cry.
  6. Buy Ben & Jerry's at a reasonable price.
    I know this is a weird travel goal but B&J's is $12 a pint here and that's immoral.
  7. Go to The Magic Castle.
    Having friends with passes is 💯 and I'm not taking that for granted. Going to wear a fancy 👗 and 🍹🍹🍹 while I watch magicians do their thing.
  8. See something on Broadway.
    I am blessed to have seen some amazing musicals in Australia (Wicked, Les Mis, The Lion King, We Will Rock You) but Broadway is going to be something else. No matter what we see I WILL CRY.
  9. Come home.
    Is that weird to say? I haven't left but I'm excited for that feeling when we land and we read those WELCOME TO SYDNEY signs because that, that's a feeling that should be bottled. It's better than Valium.
  10. Be settled.
    I have a couple months to move in with my dad and while I will miss my mother so much it hurts, I'm ready to be done with limbo. I'm ready to breathe.
  11. Start my Masters.
    Assuming they accept me. My GPA isn't the best but I would work my ass off for a MPH. Or a Masters of Epidemiology which just came on my radar – does the ability to call myself an epidemiologist balance out all the stats classes? Either way, I'll be ready when the zombies attack.
  12. Be better.
    It'll happen. I promise.