Before I forget. To be added to.
  1. Dale taking a picture with me even though I only came second in charades.
  2. Irma playing Let It Go for us and then Tiny Dancer.
  3. The rainbow as we left the Shamrock Social with our tattoos.
  4. TWO Starbucks baristas spelling my name right.
  5. Singing songs from Crazy Ex at any and every opportunity.
  6. How much I hated Space Mountain but that I can cross it off the list.
  7. How much I LOVED Haunted Mansion.
  8. Speaking two words to Larry Wilmore.
  9. The planetarium show at the Observatory and how it made me cry.
  10. Butter on popcorn.
  11. Holding hands with my friends, just because.
  12. The guy at the Magic Castle who did everything in his power to help me even though I didn't have my passport.
    And then the Lyft driver who looked madly for it only to find out... he didn't have it. Thanks, Derrick. I hope we cross paths again. 🙏🏼