Minus the fact it costs $200 to speak to her for 30 minutes.
  1. The fact that she calls me "darling."
    I guess this could be deemed ~unprofessional by some but it comes so naturally from her, like a mother.
  2. The way she validates my anxiety.
    Not by saying that my fears are real but rather the way I'm feeling is.
  3. The names of her sons.
  4. The fact that she never leaves me without enough medication.
    Other doctors have done this and caused more anxiety than they cured.
  5. The way that she's honest with me about addiction.
    And knows that I'm wary of it because of my family.
  6. The fact that she's never taken more than a day to respond to an email.
    And squeezed me in to see her within two days this week.
  7. That fact that she gushed to me about James McAvoy when she asked me what I had to look forward to this year and I could only really answer "X-Men."
  8. The way she informed me CBT clearly wasn't cutting it after nearly ten years of therapy.
    And introduced me to my new psychologist and ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
  9. The way she never makes me feel like I need to rush.
  10. Each time she's reminded me I wasn't hopeless, or helpless.
    And rather reminded me how far I've come.