1. When he says something in German out of nowhere.
  2. The fact that he orders cases of tomato juice from a supplier because his favourite grocery store no longer sells it.
  3. The fact he's been shopping at the same grocery store every Saturday since before I was born.
  4. His nose.
    My grandmother's, and now mine.
  5. His increasing spontaneity.
    We are both creatures of habit but we are growing together. He texted me tonight asking if I wanted to go on a spontaneous trip. He's picking me up at 10:30am.
  6. That he texts me about "our shows."
    The Amazing Race, primarily.
  7. The breakfasts he makes me.
  8. The way he'd carry my sister and I to bed when we fell asleep watching cartoons in his room.
  9. The smell of his cologne.
  10. That he won't drive when he's drunk, anymore.
  11. His love of Mamma Mia.
  12. His love of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  13. The way he calls McDonald's "Slacko's."
  14. His openness.
    This is new, but I am cherishing it.
  15. The way he trusts me with my grandmother's recipes.
  16. His laugh.
  17. His overflowing bookcase.
  18. The fact he took my sister and I on the trip of a lifetime.
  19. His undercooked potatoes.
    I'll never let him know.
  20. His last name.
    There are so few of us in the world.