Even though I'm Australian and this isn't my day. I'm grateful, anyway.
  1. My parents
    The older I get, the more I realise how lucky I am to have them both around. I try very hard not to take this for granted.
  2. The roof above my head
    Clichéd and obvious, perhaps, but there have been times I haven't been so sure of this.
  3. The Internet
    Without it I would not get to converse with my favourite people.
  4. Medicare
    (Australia's universal healthcare scheme.) Medical care is still expensive as fuck but without this I would just... be dead? I guess. It's a flawed system but it could be a lot worse.
  5. The List App
    The first safe place I've had to write in a long while. A part of the Internet, yes, but a specific app I am super grateful for each day.
  6. Little victories
    Days that I go to work or answer the phone or even just manage to get out of bed.
  7. Netflix
    And other wonderfully distracting things for when reality just isn't doing it for me.
  8. Pets
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    They're the best.