1. Going new places.
    Even if it's just catching a new bus route, this shouldn't be A Big Fucking Deal and yet it continues to hold me back.
  2. Saying "you're welcome" instead of "no problem" at work.
    I don't know why it bugs me so much but I keep catching myself saying it 500x a day and the former just seems more polite? I also say "no worries" a fuckton, but we're an Australian company, so! 🐨
  3. Taking my meds on time.
    Lest I sleep until noon.
  4. Letting go.
    Of friends, of foster pets, of the past.
  5. Finishing TV series.
    Nothing seems to hold my attention anymore. I'm five seasons into Shameless and two into The Walking Dead and not even four episodes into Six Feet Under and I LIKE THEM.
  6. Reading.
    I used to devour a book a day. What happened? Oh, right. Depression.
  7. Making phone calls.
    A perpetual problem.
  8. Cooking.
    Toast doesn't count and I can't afford my takeout needs as often as they arise.
  9. Not washing my hands so much.
    Touching any surface doesn't warrant scrubbing them of their softness every. goddamn. time.
  10. Following people back.
    Champagne problems, I'm sorry. I'm trying to get to know you all.
  11. Accepting help.
    And not ignoring those that are there in favour of those that aren't.
  12. Being happy.