1. Makeup
    I mean, I like it in theory? I like the colours? I wish I were better at applying it? But I honestly wear 0 makeup day-to-day and wouldn't know where to start. Also, people might faint.
  2. Breaking Bad
    Just one of those shows I tried (one whole season!) and couldn't connect with. Sorry.
  3. The Avengers
    I can't help it if I think mutants are cooler.
  4. Pizza
    I like pizza but I don't love it. And now I'm that asshole who says "eh" when it's recommended because I really want McDonald's. 🍔🍟
  5. Cars
    This might have something to do with my fear of driving/the fact I put off getting my learner's permit for seven years or it might be totally unrelated.
  6. Tea
    It just tastes like leaf water to me. I'm sorry! I know it would do wonders for my anxiety.
  7. Beer
    Meanwhile, this tastes like bread water to me.
  8. The beach
    Nobody even wants to know me at this point, do they?
  9. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches :/
    Suggested by   @classic
  10. NPR
    I bluff, and I like that one game show thing, but it kinda makes me sleepy.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane