Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. They fucking suck. Here are things that help me.
  1. Medication
    This shouldn't be the first answer but it absolutely is. I would not be where I am today without an amazing doctor and some amazing pharmaceutical science. I know this isn't for everyone, but it's saved my life.
  2. Breathing
    I get mad whenever someone recommends this when I'm having a panic attack until I practice deep breathing and, yes, it works. More effective when used before I've reached the peak of my attack.
  3. Counting
    Or listing things like names, animals, etc. Especially useful when I'm trying to sleep. Sometimes I just count back from a thousand. Sometimes it works.
  4. Colouring
    The hype is real! You can get apps like Colorfy which kind of imitate the art of colouring on your choice of Apple device.
  5. TV
    Nothing I haven't seen before. Things I've seen a thousand times. The Office, Friends and The Mindy Project are my favourites. Sometimes, to sleep in spite of anxiety, I'll put them on my iPad and just listen to the familiar dialogue until I forget why I'm freaking out. It helps.
  6. YouTube
    Especially unboxings, hauls and baking videos. Watching other people do things helps, I guess?
  7. Apps
    Candy Crush, Zoombinis (!!!) and Tiny Tower: Vegas are among my faves. Enormous wastes of time but also so delightfully distracting.
  8. Taking it 10 seconds at a time
    As the wise Kimmy Schmidt once said, you can do almost anything for ten seconds at a time. Then you just start over. This has helped immensely.
  9. Making lists
    Which is maybe why I love this app so much. Making stepladders towards my goals, to-do lists or simply lists of my favourite cinematic scores. Vaguely productive and distracting.
  10. Binaural Beats
    And other white noise tracks. You can also try Rainy Mood and the like, but these really help to "sedate" me, I guess. They're especially good for sleep, and also pain relief. You can find plenty for free on YouTube.
  11. Reading
    As with TV, typically things I've already read. I can't really handle the suspense of new things when I'm already anxious. I think I've re-read THG a thousand times.
  12. Pets
    I'm pretty sure this is scientifically proven. Pets help. It's hard not to stare at their carefree little faces and not feel a little calmer (and a lot jealous.) If you can't adopt your own, consider fostering (see my list on fostering kittens: WHY I FOSTER KITTENS AND YOU SHOULD CONSIDER DOING SO, TOO ), borrowing a friend's or volunteering at your local shelter.
  13. Cardio and Yoga
    This combination has helped greatly with my Panic Disorder. Once I got a good schedule going and stopped dying of being out of shape, this became a vital tool to deal with my anxiety. (Such a good list btw)
    Suggested by @babystevens
  14. CBT. Have you tried it?
    Suggested by @thatssoayesha