The world can be scary but these are some things I consider nice. Share yours.
  1. When you catch a stranger's gaze while you're walking and they smile at you.
  2. When something you had to buy anyway is on sale.
  3. Fresh sheets.
  4. The first day of your break when you remember you don't have to set an alarm.
  5. When you're sad and your pet realises and comforts you.
  6. Finding money in your wallet or bag that you didn't know you had.
  7. When it's raining and you don't have to leave the house.
  8. When someone says something reminded them of you.
  9. Letters in the mail (that aren't bills.)
  10. Finding a new favourite place to eat that isn't terribly far away.
  11. A good, strong belly laugh
    Suggested by @OffTheDott
  12. When you find your kids thank you note to the tooth fairy.
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    Suggested by @thebestSR
  13. Laundry fresh out of the dryer.
    Suggested by @katherinelee
  14. Finishing a stressful project and feeling the weight lifted from your shoulders. Also rewarding yourself with a great book and yummy snacks for getting through it 📚🍪☕️😊
    Suggested by @ellasabo
  15. Bubble bath with a good book and glass of wine (kid asleep)
    Suggested by @shanaz
  16. When you have something in your teeth and someone lets you know
    It's especially nice when they're a stranger because so many people aren't gutsy enough to tell you
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  17. When you put up your hand for a high five and someone returns it.
    Usually the intended person, but sometimes it's someone who steps up when the intended person leaves you hanging. It's the simple things in life
    Suggested by @libby92
  18. When your favorite outfit is clean on the same day your hair looks amazing.
    So superficial, but it does put a bounce in my step.
    Suggested by @DG
  19. New foster kittens!
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    Ellie, Vance and... the rest not yet named.
  20. Puppies
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    Because, well, puppies
    Suggested by @sl
  21. When you REALLY don't feel like doing something/seeing someone and they cancel on you
    Suggested by @bkwmkiwi
  22. Hearing an awesome song in the store while you're running a mundane errand.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  23. When you order your coffee drink and it's perfectly made at just the right temp.
    Suggested by @d3j2caliman
  24. When you were a kid and you would wake up to find out you have a snow day. Sledding and hot chocolate and movies all day!
    Suggested by @jsyrkinn
  25. Taking off heels after a long day.
    Suggested by @wonderishmama
  26. When the train comes right as you are walking down to it.
    Suggested by @ChristaBullock
  27. Getting a letter from a new friend in Australia -
    - and writing one back ☺️💙
    Suggested by @saytrumbo