1. Today, when one of the girls I attend therapy offered me a lift as I waited outside our clinic to be picked up. It was such a simple thing but it caught me off guard.
  2. A few months ago at work, when I had a panic attack and broke down and had to leave for the day. A colleague who had seen it all messaged me later in the day, just to see how I was doing. Never underestimate the power of simply asking how someone is. It made me see my coworkers in a new light. It reminded me that people care.
  3. Years back, when @bkwmkiwi sent me a basket she'd made of Paddle Pop (Popsicle) sticks and filled with paper stars that, when unfolded, contained quotes and kind words. It must have taken her hours to fold them all and she'd done so, just for me. ❤️