...that I could have used in my first semester, four years ago. Inspired by @hannahdotbyrd! 📚🎓
  1. Don't go.
  2. No, I'm just kidding.
  3. Mostly.
  4. Accept that you very well may fail.
    Do your best but you will probably fail at least one thing. Even if it's a dumb quiz and the tutor likes you anyway so you manage to JUST pass the class. Thanks, Demographics tutor. I guess all those hellos and see you next weeks paid off.
  5. Take a class that counts for nothing.
    I had to take Demographics and I learned next to nothing. I chose to take Gender Studies and it changed everything.
  6. Study, if you can, at your own pace.
    I realise this isn't an option for everyone because of the cost of tuition and board and all of that BS, but if you can take your time, do so. I would not be graduating if I had been forced to study a full load my first year.
  7. Embrace the fact your experience might not be super social.
    I know that this might be a controversial opinion, but it's okay if you don't make friends in all your classes. Really. Reach out when you can but know that you have a lifetime to make connections. I'm 4.5 years into my degree and just making my first real uni friend. It's okay to be alone, sometimes. It can be quite lovely.
  8. Don't be afraid to change your mind.
    I went in SURE I was going to study Speech Pathology and wound up studying Health instead. I love it. I wouldn't have known that if I had gotten straight into Speech Path, either. I wouldn't have been able to take so many electives - cultural studies, cognitive science!
    This is in all caps for a fucking reason. No final is worth a nervous breakdown. You are so much more than a grade, than a GPA. Trying counts for something. In fact, it counts for everything. You can always try again and if you can't – maybe it wasn't meant to be.
  10. And know that it's okay to NOT go to university (/college).
    I have friends who are so fucking smart – so much smarter than me – who couldn't go or got in and had to leave due to personal reasons. It fucking sucked at the time but it shaped who they are now. In a good way. You can always be a mature aged student or maybe you'll always be somebody who never went. It's OKAY.