Super old request, but I finally feel equipped to answer this, five months into my employment. Most of these are just WTF.
  1. Random guy came in on a Saturday night covered in blue body paint.
    From head to toe. Wearing only board shorts.
  2. Me: Hi! How are you doing tonight?
    Customer: Drunk. (Customer was buying a $3 bottle of milk and definitely wanted his receipt.)
  3. Customer that could not understand why I would see Deadpool twice in theatres.
    He was vaguely outraged and insisted it was a waste of money, not because the movie was bad but because no one should ever see a movie twice, apparently?
  4. The baler.
    "Baler? I hardly know her."
  5. Customer that bought no less than 100 tins of spam.
  6. Customer that bought no less than 100 bottles of Powerade.
  7. The customer that bought 120 tubes of toothpaste.
  8. The customer that tried very, very hard to pay with Indian currency.
    It was very pretty but I could not accept it. I don't even know the exchange rate.
  9. The produce guy who was told off for bagging things improperly by a fellow coworker - not his area of expertise - and argued "it's already FLAT bread!"
    I can't fault this logic. At least the customer was amused.
  10. Any trolley filled with coconut water.