by Mark Haddon. I hope this is as soothing to you as making it was for me. Except for the last picture I took, these were all chosen at random via this app.
  1. "They stand in parks and graveyards and gardens.
  2. Some of them are taller than department stores,
  3. yet they do not call attention to themselves.
  4. You will be fitting a heated towel rail one day
  5. and see, through the louvre window,
  6. a shoal of olive-green fish changing direction
  7. in the air that swims above the little gardens.
  8. Or you will wake at your aunt's cottage,
  9. your sleep broken by a coal train on the empty hill
  10. as the oaks roar in the wind off the channel.
  11. Your kindness to animals, your skill at the clarinet,
  12. these are accidental things.
  13. We lost this game a long way back.
  14. Look at you. You're reading poetry.
  15. Outside the spring air is thick
  16. with the seeds of their children."