Trying to practice self-compassion to pull myself out of this slump. Would love to see others do the same.
  1. You deserve better.
  2. Small accomplishments matter.
  3. The fact that it's taken you so long to get to where you are doesn't speak of your laziness, it speaks of your perseverance.
  4. You can take a Valium. You are not addicted and you are not going to destroy your family.
  5. You are good at your job. There's a reason customers come back to you when they get a chance.
  6. You got through university because you are intelligent and capable, not because you fooled them or they pitied you.
  7. You are not a failure if you gain a kilo or lose your temper.
  8. If you kill the bad parts of yourself you kill the good parts, too.
  9. Happiness might not be right around the corner, it might be a mountain climb away, but it's waiting for you and you are worthy of it.
  10. You are worthy.
  11. You are loved.
  12. You matter as much as anyone.