I am barely ever here and unless you follow me elsewhere (where I also rarely post), I feel a little guilty and like I owe you an update.
  1. I'm still Bipolar!
    Yeah, that doesn't go away with positive attitude and diet change, contrary to some of the advice I've received.
  2. I still haven't started my Masters!
    Will I ever? I don't know!
  3. I'm still working in retail.
  4. I still have Sid!
    He's okay, I guess. 😝 He has his own IG: wobblysid. Because he still wobbles.
  5. I'm still... okay, I guess I didn't write about this before but I'm still sick.
    And we're still figuring out what's wrong and the anxiety surrounding that all is above and beyond.
  6. I'm still going to LA!
    Again. For The Magic Castle and Halloween and Disney and just general merriment. I'm terrified I'll be sick again then and terrified of traveling alone. I know it will be worth it, though.
  7. I'm still here.
    For better or for worse and always doing my best.