Let's unite, anxious people, and maybe even comfort one and other.
  1. Brain chemistry
    First and foremost.
  2. Work
    My new job is easy as fuck but it involves facing customers all day and I am pretty sure I am not meant for that. But I need money. Psych bills are expensive.
  3. University
    I have a literature review draft due on Friday which, at this rate, is not going to happen.
  4. Parents
    Feeling like a burden and a disappointment, even if they insist I'm not.
  5. Meeting with my advisor
    I have a weekly meeting with my advisor for my senior project and without fail I become a panicked mess before every single one
    Suggested by @rqcha
  6. Applying for Graduate School
    Personal statements and the GRE 😫
    Suggested by @estone
  7. Money.
    Suggested by @girlNmaroon
  8. One of my daughter's not-so-nice middle school friends.
    Suggested by @bkwurm
  9. Graduate level Immunology exam in 2 days that I am NOT ready for 😭
    Suggested by @laurensmith
  10. The nagging thought that my chosen career path might turnout to be something I hate.
    Suggested by @bryce_mccarter
  11. Not having a drivers license.
    I'm 23 and scared of driving, but also want my license so I can go out and do things. I need it but I'm scared of it.
    Suggested by @nervesofscared
  12. The future.
    The perpetual emphasis being put on the imminent doesn't help either. Most days, I just want to curl up under my covers and hide for all of eternity.
    Suggested by @khaleesi
  13. Going back to school
    I'm worried that I won't be able to manage work, school and my daughter, who will be making the transition to high school.
    Suggested by @Bri24