You know me too well, @k8mcgarry. This one is so inevitable, is so predicable, everyone is going to be rolling their eyes out of their heads but I WILL ENDURE.
  1. Disclaimer: I have always been a dog person.
    Growing up, all I wanted was a puppy. We had dogs and cats but I loved the dogs most of all. I had books about the different types scattered around my room, I'd recite facts about breeds with names I couldn't pronounce – obsessively.
  2. Disclaimer II: I am still a dog person!
    I still love dogs. I still love my dogs.
  3. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  4. Cats just suit my personality better.
    I realised this first when we started fostering kittens for the first time. As we learned about them and they learned about us, their utter laziness and contempt for everything was very, very me.
  5. The frantic nature of dogs is lovely, but not great for my anxiety.
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    I need a creature that can sit on my chest and purr until the panic isn't so bad. Cats have, historically, been perfect for that.
  6. One of our current cats we've had since he was three weeks old.
    That changes things. Most people don't get to build a bond with their pets from that early on. And Pippin was such a fighter.
  7. He came to us flea-ridden, having been abandoned at a roadside.
    His nose and eyes were plugged with goo, we had to syringe feed him because he couldn't breathe. We didn't think he'd last the night. We prepared for the worst.
  8. He has grown into the most marvellous, panther-like creature you can imagine.
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    Really, he saunters, it's ridiculous. He has a complex. He was such an ugly duckling (bald spots and all) that I think he's hellbent on making up for his handsomeness now. (We weren't, for the record, supposed to keep him, but when we went to hand him off to the shelter to find his forever home we knew it – and he – was ours.)
  9. I guess I just love cats because I love my cats so much.
    And because every cat I've encountered prior and since has been wonderful to me. Soft and warm and sweet. Maybe if I'd had a negative experience I'd feel differently.
  10. There have been minor incidents of course.
    As aforementioned: essays deleted, skin scratched, face bitten.
  11. But they've never overridden the good.
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    The purring, the nuzzling, the curling up on your lap or alongside you in bed. The coming to you when you've been crying because they see you're in distress.
  12. They've put their trust in me.
    I've put mine in them.
  13. I love cats because they've never given me reason not to.
    And a million reasons to.
  14. That's all, that's it.
  15. P.S.
    I'm sorry I wrote about cats again. Please don't unfollow me.