1. Because social media.
  2. No, really, that's about it.
  3. We live in a digital age of constant comparison that makes me feel like I can't like one thing while I love another.
  4. Or that I can't think a film is of superior cinematic quality but still not my "favourite."
  5. Moonlight blew me away. I had nothing negative to say.
  6. La La Land made me want to SING again. It gave me beautiful places to explore in LA.
  7. And Arrival was my favourite movie of the year for fantastic, spoilerific reasons.
  8. I don't see how or why these opinions make me a shitty person but Tumblr, Twitter and FB seem to disagree.
  9. Hating on people for liking things because they did (or didn't win) is a waste of energy.
  10. You can like different things.
  11. Multiple things!
  12. Just be happy our society isn't so far gone that we can't stop to enjoy the arts.
  13. (And also Casey Affleck is trash and where was Amy Adams' nomination?)