Spoilers and opinions a-plenty.
  1. Honestly, seeing how bad critics reacted to this film broke my heart a little bit.
  2. I read the script forever ago and fell in love with it.
  3. When Chris Pratt said it was the best screenplay he'd ever read I totally agreed with him.
  4. The hype was real with two of Hollywood's biggest (and one of its mosh problematic) actors cast in the lead roles.
  5. I thought they both did a great job.
  6. I am one of the few people left who thinks Jennifer Lawrence isn't overrated, although I wish she'd think before she speaks/desecrates sacred things and would learn how to offer a proper apology.
  7. I think Passengers has failed critically due to the way it was marketed.
  8. A lot of people expected a romantic comedy set in space and it wasn't.
  9. It presented its audience with a really tough ethical dilemma.
  10. And my own response to it makes me wonder if I'm a terrible person myself, as Chris Pratt's character has been called.
  11. But if I was alone on a ship for over a year, coming back from a suicide attempt and bumped into a stunning writer's hibernation chamber...
  12. I'd probably wake her up too?
  13. That revelation makes me wonder if that's just part of who I am, if I am destined to pull people down as I drown.
  14. I don't know.
  15. It wasn't Oscar-worthy.
  16. But I liked the film.
  17. It was a good way to kick off a year of spending way too much money at the movies.
  18. Giphy downsized medium