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  1. Nicole Beharie
  2. Jamie Chung
  3. Gugu Mbatha-Raw
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  1. The Name of the Rose by Majorie Liu
    Yes, the is the cliche answer, but it's a cliche for a reason. This comic sees Natasha trying to trying to clear her after someone begins targeting the superhero community and framing her, which leads to her facing some past ghosts. One of the best character studies Natasha's gotten, and it's only become more important since the gross way her infertility was handled in AOU.
  2. The Finely Woven Thread by Nathan Edmondson
    Great jumping own point for new readers. Gives you a taste of Nat's character and her backstory without overwhelming you with continuity.
  3. Homecoming by Richard K. Morgan
    Natasha's forced out retirement and returns back to her homeland. One of the most interesting looks into her backstory and the time she spent in the Red Room. Has all the quotes you see in the graphics and fanmixes.
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This is what happens when Intro to WGST isn't a requirement for upper level WGST classes (tw for homophobia, rape, racism, islamaphobia, and victim blaming)
  1. "Being gay is like being a serial killer...something's wrong in their brains, they can't help it"
    Said while trying to be sympathetic
  2. "The homosexuals"
    Someone kept saying this throughout a discussion
  3. "I couldn't find a picture of a model who wasn't white on google"
    When asked why all the women in their group project's fake magazine were white
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  1. Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  2. My phone background/ fanart by Phil Noto
  3. Beyonce as Storm by Kevin Wada bc of course
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