Top 8 Ignorant Things Said in My Gender in the Media Class

This is what happens when Intro to WGST isn't a requirement for upper level WGST classes (tw for homophobia, rape, racism, islamaphobia, and victim blaming)
  1. "Being gay is like being a serial killer...something's wrong in their brains, they can't help it"
    Said while trying to be sympathetic
  2. "The homosexuals"
    Someone kept saying this throughout a discussion
  3. "I couldn't find a picture of a model who wasn't white on google"
    When asked why all the women in their group project's fake magazine were white
  4. A group called the author of the essay "it" in their entire discussion
    The prof even tried to correct them but they kept going
  5. "Why do we having flyers for abuse hotlines in the bathrooms? I think it's so stupid they think we need that"
    A better question is why in the world you are so bothered by outreach for people being abused???
  6. "Islam just a ripoff of Christianity"
    No, no it isn't.
  7. "Are we really saying rape is never the victim's fault? Like what if they're in a bad neighborhood or hang out with the wrong people? We'd say it was their own fault if it was another crime."
    This one takes the cake. Not only was it the most stupid, but it got said twice!! I literally said "please stop talking".
  8. "I actually feel bad for the white guy who was saying the racist things..."
    Because he got his wallet stolen by the Native women he was insulting