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Inspired by @BennyMac92. I liked doing them in pairs.
  1. Man wakes up from coma, realizes computers are hunting humans
  2. WWII hero wakes up after 70-year coma to fight aliens
  3. Janitor steals identity of retired Olympian
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On mobile, where most of us are tagging things.
  1. Frequently used emojis
    😊😛😐🙃🙈🙂☺️😕😉 (Useful, but why isn't hashtag as easy to use?)
  2. /
    Rarely need the slash on my phone.
  3. : ;
    Nope, don't need these on my phone.
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  1. Willy Wonka
  2. Ms. Frizzle
  3. The Tenth Doctor
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Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Lomography photography
    I miss film cameras. I like pressing the shutter button, adjusting f-stops, and focusing the lens. I was looking for a simple 35mm camera to buy — something small and not too expensive. I stumbled on to Lomography's website on Monday and spent the next four nights obsessing over that style of images.
  2. Synthpop / electropop music
    After effects of watching Stranger Things.
  3. BLT with salmon gravlax
    Tried it for lunch at a restaurant this week. Sounds super weird but it's pretty good.
  4. Songs transposed from major to minor key
    Look it up on YouTube. Songs that are originally happy become chilling.
Inspired by @joelscorp
  1. BLT
  2. Wonton soup
    Even when it's hot outside.
  3. Dried chickpeas
    I love these as a snack.
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  1. A black, dot grid Leuchtturm1917 notebook.
    Look at this beauty. My favorite notebook.
  2. Dark chocolate
    If you "forget" and have milk chocolate instead, that's not okay.
  3. Green tea
    Hot, iced, loose leaf, or matcha. Doesn't matter—I love it.
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Inspired by @mayla. Some good, some bad.
  1. Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke
    My 9th grade English teacher didn't like that the curriculum didn't include any sci-fi novels, so he added it to our list. Easily one of the best books I've read in terms of the ideas sticking with you (in a haunting kind of way).
  2. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    This was on a list of suggested reading, so not one the whole class read. I re-read it a few years ago and it's one of those books that I like better after I've read it.
  3. My Antonia by Willa Cather
    Ugh, so boring.
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Inspired by @maddiemortell, @bjnovak, and @BWN_7
  1. The Olympics
    Or just tweets about them. I watched...maybe 15 minutes, total. But the tweets are good.
  2. Well, The Hobbit
    I keep forgetting and then remembering that I haven't seen the second and third ones. It's really been 4 years since An Unexpected Journey?
  3. Friends wedding(s)
    I'm watching Friends straight through because I never have before. I'm at the end of season 4, where Ross is going to marry Emily and the duck swallows the ring...Everyone knows Ross ends up with Rachel, so these episodes are kinda pointless now.
  4. The telephone on Stranger Things
    After the first one shorted out, why did Joyce keep replacing it? Clearly walkie-talkies were the way to go.
  1. Loose leaf notebook paper
    This is because I overstocked in high school and can't bring myself to throw it out. Also, I don't really have a use for it because...
  2. Notebooks
    So many blank notebooks. All different sizes. I love them. I use them, just not as fast as I get new ones.
  3. Rubber bands
    Sometimes I'm in OfficeMax and see a bag of rubber bands and go, "Huh, I don't think I have any at home. Should probably get these." I go home. I find at least one bag of rubber bands.
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