These stories are true.
  1. Robins outside my house
    Two years ago, in the spring, robins in my neighborhood would sit on top of my car in the morning, bang against the sideview mirrors,, relieve themselves on the windshield. Every single morning. I couldn't go near my car without them coming at me. I read online that if you wrap plastic grocery bags over your sideview mirrors, birds will leave your car alone. So I did that at night and unwrapped the bags before I left in the morning. It worked.
  2. The dog from one street over
    Neighborhood rules: if your dog is outside and unattended by a human, it's fine if 1) your yard has a physical fence around it, 2) your yard has an electric fence, or 3) your dog is on a leash that's attached to a tree or something. When you don't have one of those conditions, the dog is free to chase 11-year-old me from my bus stop, around the corner, and up the next street until I reach my house.
  3. The amusement park goose
    One summer, I worked as a photographer in an amusement park. (You know the ones that greet you and ask if you want a family photo?) One of the rides had little boats on a man-made lake. There was a platform where photographers stood to take photos, which also happened to be near a geese nest. One day the papa goose thought I was too close and ran at me, snapping his beak and honking. I ran up the narrow access area, back to where the boats stop, and out the ride's gate. Out of beak reach.