Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I think I cleaned up my camera roll recently but let's have a look.
  1. This is an artist I follow on Instagram. I really like this drawing, with the stars spilling out of the astronaut's helmet. Feels like an episode of Doctor Who.
  2. This is a bit of a story I posted last year. I was thinking about playing with this idea more so the screenshot is my reminder.
  3. Because he's Grant Gustin and he's posing with a poster of The Flash. Next.
  4. For an Instagram post about how what music I listen to depends on the app I'm in.
  5. A collage of supplies in Scribe Delivery's July box. I just like these compositions.
  6. Sent to a co-worker because this perfectly describes someone else we work with.
  7. From Jake Parker's Instagram. Someone asked him to draw Venom as any character and he went with Genie from Aladdin. Incredible.