1. Loose leaf notebook paper
    This is because I overstocked in high school and can't bring myself to throw it out. Also, I don't really have a use for it because...
  2. Notebooks
    So many blank notebooks. All different sizes. I love them. I use them, just not as fast as I get new ones.
  3. Rubber bands
    Sometimes I'm in OfficeMax and see a bag of rubber bands and go, "Huh, I don't think I have any at home. Should probably get these." I go home. I find at least one bag of rubber bands.
  4. Pens
    Same as the notebooks - I buy them faster than I use them.
  5. Staples
    Every year I realize I need my stapler less. So the box of staples I have will probably last forever.
  6. Paper clips
    Same reason as the staples.
  7. You may have noticed these are all office supplies.
    I'm obsessed, and I know it.