Movies That Misshaped My View of the World

You are on time 23 of watching a film and you realize how it has led you astray.
  1. Lion King and friendships
    Making friends isn't as easy as Simba made it look. Rarely people break out it in song to teach me great life lessons.
  2. Hook and dessert for dinner
    First they made life without parents look so easy, and more it set me up to believe dessert for dinner would make me feel awesome, it hasn't yet, but I will keep trying.
  3. Clueless and closets
    It set pretty unrealistic expectations for grown up closet. My computer doesn't sync up to my closet and nor can it tell me what to wear each day.
  4. Little Mermaid and dinglehoppers
    Using a fork as a hairbrush grosses people out more than i thought it would, self included.
  5. You've Got Mail and email
    As an adult having lots of email or really any email doesn't make me excited, but this movie made it seem so damn exciting.
  6. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and singing
    When I sing "On the Goodship Lollipop" people rarely say how cute I am. In fact, my sense is they would like me to stop and go back to my work.
  7. Officespace and (not) Working and Bills
    "Bills? I'm just not going to pay them". So there are things called consequences and collection agencies, learned that one the hard way. And if you don't do your job, they notice and haven't given me promotion for it once.
  8. Any RomCom and love
    I spent the first 20 years of my life expecting to have a meet-cute with my "the one". Then I did and it was horrible, I had to learn that love isn't easy and when it is that hard, it probably isn't a good situation. I luckily got out... Thankfully they now have a lot more films about break ups.