After 32 years of marriage my parents are separating. It is really tough, but you wouldn't know it based on our conversations.
  1. Which shampoo is best
    This was a solid 10 minutes. My mom walked me through the different brands she tried. Dove won, who knew?
  2. Recent injuries from playing tennis.
    My dad self diagnosing based on the pain he feels when playing tennis. He says he has a torn meniscus.
  3. How my boyfriend's doing
    Let's not even ask how the other person is doing and go straight to someone else
  4. The weather... Is it spring where you are?
    Maybe, haven't left the house in weeks.
  5. Softest Bathrobes
    Target ones won.
  6. Netflix finds, AND their plots
    To be fair this is what I talk about with most people, but my mom also shares the plots and her concerns about what will happen to the main character
  7. Whoever called or stopped by in the last few days
    And how they are doing and their health