But did, so I might as well publicly shame myself.
  1. Ft. Said digital camera
    9f6daabc dd22 4058 b13d 44fc0fd4967d
  2. Ft. Duck lips
    937e8730 7bff 4a35 93a3 f95b565c282f
  3. Ft. Chapped lips
    77be88b3 90e8 4e8d 9cdb 12a767dc729f
  4. Ft. Dog, not hamster
    3401fd68 90fd 47dc b0af 4c9b5d61b50b
  5. Ft. Candy necklace
    139ce409 e3ac 4d9f a29c 6714dc4bef26
  6. Ft. Very greasy hair
    81198279 fede 4d90 af08 5761cf753280
  7. Ft. My retainer
    D422f433 c7a5 4167 99dc b0b288a82d3e
  8. Ft. Soffe shorts rolled no less than 3 times
    40cd4ac7 2853 4f93 8eab a62c870b364e
  9. Ft. Cadillac seat bucket belt belonging to my first kiss
    9d56c37d f734 4e3d 8df7 28c174330c25
  10. Ft. Very somber face
    Ef62bf87 0156 47b9 a44a 14cd922d85fd
  11. Ft. Etnies sneakers and a plastic hair bow
    3106a665 8e4a 4a76 a8fd c9c708662f14
  12. Ft. Yellow tank I wore a lot to hide my terrible tan lines
    61903b7e d4ce 418e 98bf f9dd5cf31d7f
  13. Ft. Pigtails (This is high school now, folks.)
    9a85c80a 4eb8 4ef8 a0fd db5b32285740
  14. Ft. Very cool blink 182 shirt that belonged to the boy I had a crush on
    Ec022c49 0840 43ad a2d5 195cdb0b9fc7
  15. Ft. Forehead belonging to the boy I gave my first handjob to
    14f6094c 0b18 4480 a64b 262ebc4aaee6