1. Two of my favorite things. Coffee and, well, you know.
  2. Truer words have never been spoken.
    (Etsy: SeridoodlePaperCo)
  3. My aesthetic, always.
    (Etsy: SeridoodlePaperCo)
  4. Because I can't be trusted not to break the stem of a wine glass.
    (Etsy: SeridoodlePaperCo)
  5. Thrifted and then hand decorated by me!
  6. Thrifted. 🐄
  7. Great book. Great gift from a great friend. 😊
  8. Classic. Thanks Starbucks.
  9. Fake terracotta. I love it.
  10. 🍂🍁🍃
  11. Hand made in pottery class by someone, thrifted by me.
  12. IKEA.
  13. I thought the spoon would be cool and helpful. It's not. This is my least favorite mug, and is essentially just a dust collector.