1. Most professors take attendance, at least on the first day of classes.
  2. Either, they pronounce my name incorrect and I will correct them by saying, "Kallee, like California"
  3. Or they will pronounce it correctly by saying, "Kallee? Like California?"
  4. Either way it goes, they think they are clever as fuck, and think it's a great idea to break out into song.
  5. And because I am pale af with see through skin and have mild social anxiety, my face turns super red and I am immediately filled with hatred for said professor.
  6. These are some songs that have been sang at me:
  7. Back to Cali
  8. Back to California
    Unless you are the QUEEN herself (Carole King) you do not have permission to sing this at me.
  9. Hotel California
  10. California Gurls - Katy Perry
  11. California Girls - The Beach Boys
  12. Californication
  13. California Dreamin'
  14. California Calling
    I hate this song so much
  15. The song from this Barbie commercial, unfortunately