My name is Kallee, like Cali, like California.
  1. I was painfully shy as a child, and would never correct anyone when they mispronounced my name as Kay-lee.
    My mom would yell at me for this saying, "if I wanted people to call you Kaylee, then I would have named you Kaylee." Okay, Mom 😑
  2. I'm still sort of shy now as an adult, but I will correct someone when they pronounce my name wrong. But I hate doing this. It makes me feel awkward. And it makes them feel awkward. And then I feel more awkward knowing that they feel awkward.
  3. I could never have things with my name on them in gift shops. My sister, Emily, had all sorts of cool shit with her name on it.
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    I did get this custom made piggy bank for my birthday once.
  4. Whenever someone I've recently met doesn't use my name when speaking to me for a while, I start to panic that they have forgotten the correct pronunciation and think it is too late to ask me and that for the rest of forever they will never know my name. Until someone calls me by my name in front of them.
    This was oddly specific because this is what happens in my brain when I forget how to pronounce someone's name. 😁
  5. Even though all of these things still hold true, I've grown to like my name.