Sexy Rihanna Pics: A true island girl 🌴

Can't get this bitch out of water, and I'm not mad about it because DAMN 😍
  1. Rihanna in a bathtub.
  2. No water necessary,
    I guess.
  3. Calvin Harris optional.
  4. Milky water not preferred,
  5. But still so. Fucking.
  6. Hot.
  7. In the shower.
  8. In a shallow puddle.
  9. Smoking a blunt in a hot tub.
    Where was my invite Rih?
  10. Next to the pool.
  11. Next to the pool? What even?
    I would put my face in her butt cheeks though.
  12. In the pool
    When I cling to the edge, it isn't to look sexy, it's because I can't swim.
  13. On a raft in the pool.
  14. Catching some rays near water.
  15. On the beach.
  16. Floating in a seemingly large body of water.
  17. Smoking on a surf board
  18. On a boat
  19. Again.
  20. And again.
  21. And again.
  22. Kissing a fish on a boat.
  23. In the mouth of a shark.
  24. Rihanna's life is my favorite soft core porn.