1. Deep in the Throes
    Of my quarter-life crisis. Sets the tone for the rest of the album.
  2. Slangin' Custard
    This is my actual job. I sell frozen custard for a living. Maybe a rap song.
  3. Homebody
    A power ballad about my day to day activities.
  4. Stormy Skylines
    Literally a song about loving rainy days in Chicago. Figuratively a song about my obsession with my dog, Stormy. Her middle name is Sky. Our last name (yes, I'm a crazy dog lady) is Lines.
  5. Charged Up
    A woebegone blues song about how my vibrator always needs new batteries.
  6. Bag of (Human) Bones
    I do things with human bones. Anthropology things. Not weird things.
  7. I'm tired, I can't
    Thematically similar to "Homebody"
  8. Paint my Face
    Self-reflective piece about how I should be more comfortable being in public with no makeup.
  9. Elliptical
    A song about all the items I own, but don't use.
  10. Slim Jim
    A song about my favorite snack, disguised as a love song for a slim man named Jim.
  11. Fever Dream
    About waking up from a really sweaty nap and not knowing what year it is (this is how all my naps go).