I like winter, until the temp drops below 20 degrees
  1. The alarming rate my skin flakes off my body (no matter how much lotion I put on)
  2. How when you go out side your breath turns to ice on your scarf, and then you go inside and the ice melts and your scarf is just wet on your face
  3. Having to refill your humidifier 3 times a day
  4. Chapped lips (no matter how much Chapstick I put on)
  5. The fact that you still have to do regular things that require going outside even though it's really fucking cold
    Like walk your dog and carry groceries home
  6. How it takes your five minutes at least to prepare to go outside and then you end up looking like Randy from "A Christmas Story"
    I can't put my arms down!!!
  7. Having a perpetually runny nose