I have DSPD and here's why I'm not asleep right now.
  1. DSPD is often mistaken for insomnia. It is NOT insomnia.
    Insomia is when you have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep. Even when you are tired you struggle to sleep.
  2. DSPD is simply a delayed sleep cycle.
    Once you fall asleep, you sleep soundly throughout the night and regularly get good sleep (unless you have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea). I sleep through EVERYTHING. You can vacuum next to me and I will sleep through it.
  3. People with DSPD are usually described as night owls and they find it difficult to wake up in the morning.
  4. There is a strong genetic component to DSPD.
    If you have it, you probably have a parent and/or child that has it. I have been like this since birth. My dad and grandma both have it. My grandma beat Zelda before me because she was up until 3am every night playing nintendo.
  5. There is no cure.
    I have tried for about 2 decades to fix this when I thought it was insomnia. At one point I got so practiced at meditation that I was keeping my mind blank for 3 hours straight every evening. It did nothing for my sleep cycle. It made sleep less satisfying. ✌
  6. Here's an interesting theory
    I.. Love. Fire.
  7. The things that help with insomnia do not help someone with DSPD.
    Meditation, coffee boycotts, bedtime routines, herbal teas, nightcaps, sleep aid medications, and going without electronics, are some of the many insomnia tricks that do not work for people with DSPD. But it doesn't stop people from insisting it will help. Nothing stops people from confidently giving unsolicited advice.
  8. Light therapy can be helpful, though not a cure.
    Depending on the severity of the DSPD, light therapy could get you to sleep about an hour before you would usually fall asleep. Sometimes the difference of an hour is important if you have to be somewhere in the morning.
  9. Light therapy options include an app for your phone called "Twilight", a "Happy Lamp" or full-spectrum light for early mornings, and a red lamp for the evenings.
    Some people (with money?) have benefitted from an alarm clock that has a full spectrum light attached. The Twilight app tints your phone screen red as the sun sets. A red lamp can aid in getting your brain to start the sleep cycle as soon as is possible for your biology.
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  11. DSPD is consistent.
    Throughout my entire life it has been the same; In the summer I start to get sleepy around 2am, I easily fall asleep once I'm sleepy, and I naturally wake around 9:30am. In the winter if I fail to use light therapy I'm usually awake until 3-4am and find it extremely difficult to wake up before 11am. Every time I've regularly worked early hours I've been miserable. School was a nightmare. Every day someone said, "Are you okay? You look tired."
  12. After my DSPD diagnosis life improved.
    Now that I know what's going on I've adjusted my life to fit my sleep schedule. For the first time in my life I don't have deep dark circles under my eyes. I don't feel guilt for not being an early riser. I am much, much happier with my daily routines. I am well rested and I'm able to get a lot more done each day. 🌞
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