I'm concerned this list is too long.
  1. My name is Kamina. I'm told it means "backstabbing whore" in Urdu. There's a song called "Ishq Kamina" that translates to "Love's a bitch".
    I'm not even kidding, here it is: https://youtu.be/F7jjpnte_Kg
  2. I'm an artist that's been featured and interviewed over the years, but I've never been very popular.
    I was even featured by Neil Gaimon once. It's like people look at my art and say, "Wow, that's really cool, but I never want to see anything you do ever again." And they move on without following me. 😂
  3. I've lost track of how many times I've been close to death or severe injury.
    Just a few off the top of my head: An allergic reaction that I almost suffocated from (age 16). When my appendix burst (age 19). The time my car hydroplained on the highway and I slammed into a cement wall going 50mph (age 20). A car slipping on ice, flying through the air, and landing upside down in front of me on the highway, literally 2 inches from my car. The driver lived! (age 22). That time I had stage 3 colon cancer (age 29).
  4. After being told so many times by doctors, "You almost died," I developed a strong relationship with my dark side.
    This was probably aided by having a narcissist for one of my parents.
  5. I haven't just had to deal with cancer, I also have a 3 page list of food allergies and celiac disease. I have Osgood Schlatter, dermatillomania, DSPD and PTSD. I might have EDS.
    My body sucks. It's been nothing but a struggle.
  6. I design and crochet amigurumi dolls
    I'm not all darkness and gloom. I also have dimples. Most people see me as positive and I begrudgingly agree. Part of me wishes I could claim I'm a curmudgeon, but it's just not true. I like laughing too much to be a darkling. Instagram: kaminakapow
  7. I doodle & watercolor
    It's the hobby I've had the longest, but I'm still not consistently good at it. Instagram: kaminamoon
  8. I can play a few songs on the ukulele.
  9. I enjoy philosophy, economics, statistics, sociology, brain science, psychology, and generally knowing why people do what they do.
    I also like science in general. And learning. Learning is fun and useful. All of the stuff I follow online is either comedy, intersectional feminism, science or art.
  10. My relationships are amazing.
    Even though most of my pain is invisible, my loved ones make an effort to understand. They're smart people who don't believe in every "cure" they read online. They take care of me and make me laugh. They're often selfless in ways I'll never be able to repay.
  11. I care for children.
    I'm currently a nanny. I taught preschool for a while. I was a children's photographer. (I took this photo of the kids currently in my charge.) I love kids because they aren't adults yet. They haven't learned to hate themselves and they haven't had their self image mangled yet. I show them unconditional love and help them discover who they are without judgement. It's beautiful and rewarding.
  12. I hope someday to make book cover art.
    It turns out you can't just submit your art to publishing companies. You have to know someone. Or be already famous in your own right. (Please don't give me advice on this if you aren't a publisher or a book cover artist.) For now it's still a dream.